Leave Them Wanting More

By keeping your marketing message brief, you’ll set yourself up for a stronger following.

“Leave them wanting more.”

This was a principle I learned from my father years ago. He worked in advertising for over three decades, and was tasked with creating media campaigns which typically told memorable stories inside of 30 seconds.

“Leave them wanting more” was a phrase he’d utter often, which I learned to appreciate.

He understood the power of creating interest, but not overwhelming the audience. Giving value while not pushing the ‘hard-sell’ out of the gates. The phrase has seemed especially relevant when I look at his awards collection which includes the Clio, the Mobius, and the Bronze Lion from the Cannes Film Festival, just to name a few.

There’s a fine art to marketing the right message. Too often we are bombarded with messaging which asks for marriage before there’s even been a first date! Sadly, we see messages that are too long or salesy in almost every channel.

A few years ago I was working for a tech group that sold ERP software. As VP of Marketing, one of my focuses was to re-purpose existing content into the marketing calendar. The low hanging fruit appeared in a series of customer testimonial videos that were already in existence. They were shot decently well, most of them had good sound, and the testimonials were terrific. If memory serves, there were probably close to a couple dozen.

As I perused through the collection, I realized that most testimonials had less than 25 hits to each video.

Then I realized why.

These videos were on average between 13-18 minutes long. Now let me ask you a question. When was the last time you watched a testimonial video that was more than 10 minutes long? More than 5 minutes long? More than 2 minutes long??

Keeping video run time to a minimum is critical to driving views and engagement.

Keeping video run time to a minimum is critical to driving views and engagement.

Exactly. Never.

Thus, the editing began. I worked with an editing specialist who helped me whittle the videos down from ridiculous run-times, to digestible ones.

The result?

The updated versions ran less than 2 minutes. Some less than 1 minute. We injected them with supplementary music and additional footage which really polished the look and feel. All of these factors contributed to views going up into the hundreds, but in my estimation nothing more was important that keeping the run times to less than a couple of minutes.

The numbers don’t lie. We live in a time where the average attention span of consumers has dropped 60% since the year 2000, and pressure to make the message impactful is immense.

But don’t overdue it. Please don’t. While it may seem backwards, your audience will thank you when you deliver the message in a digestible, compelling manner.

Leave them wanting more, market to them in the way they want to be marketed to, and you’ll create a following stronger than you can imagine.

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