The Marketing Calendar: Your Map to Greatness

What is the goal for your marketing initiatives? A marketing calendar serves as a roadmap.

Think of one bucket-list destination that you’ve never been to before. The place that comes to mind when somebody asks “If you could visit anywhere in the world…”.

Yeah, that place. Where is that place?

You know exactly where it’s at.

Your bags are packed, and you’re ready to begin the journey when somebody asks you “do you have a map”.

This is where you realize you’re the one who’s in charge of getting to the destination. There are no pilots, no drivers, no guides. Just you.

Could you get there? How realistic would it be for you to believe you could reach your spot without a map?

This is similar to how it feels when I ask a business if they have a marketing calendar. The blank stares usually indicate the answer is a clear “no”.

As I meet with new clients, an initial question within the marketing audit is to discover if a set calendar of initiatives already exists. Many entities, even highly successful companies, surprisingly do not utilize a marketing calendar.

I realize that a map and a calendar are two very different things, but the comparison here is appropriate. Without a clear path to reach the greatness, the journey becomes much more difficult.

A marketing calendar can lead to greatness.

The oft-quoted “if you fail to plan, plan to fail” is absolutely relevant in marketing. CoSchedule reported that marketers who have a documented process are 466% more likely to report success than those that don’t.

That statistic reminds me of something I was taught about the core of marketing from a mentor. He would always say “Successful marketing is just a system”. I’ve come to understand it to be absolutely true; if the system is established and the map is followed correctly, chances are you’ll arrive at the destination goal.

While the ingredients to a successful marketing calendar can vary, here are a few elements which you should incorporate to ensure your own success:

Channels: Whether it’s online, offline, social, video, print, radio, television or other media channels, figuring out how to properly broadcast the message through the most relevant avenues is massively important.

Target: Who is the client persona you are reaching for here? What voice needs to be utilized to communicate to them, and how will they be reached in a compelling manner?

Theme: What themes are you communicating to the target? What is the flavor of your campaign? It can differ by month, week, or day, but it needs to be established with proper consideration and strategy.

Message: What is the specified message that is being sent? Does it compliment the theme seamlessly? How will it be duplicated properly in each channel? Remember, if you confuse them (your audience), you lose them.

CTA: What will be your Call-To-Action? Without a well planned CTA, you’re merely spinning your wheels.

KPIs: How will you track the success rates of your campaign? What does victory look like in each initiative, and how will you measure the developments?

Even a simple Google Calendar can be a solid marketing calendar tool.

With a calendar, almost anything is better than nothing, so don’t get too overwhelmed. I’ve seen marketing calendars which are so complex, they almost need their own map to navigate. Sometimes, being a little too detailed can be counter-productive. A less intricate approach which I coach many clients to utilize is a shared Google Calendar. It can be customized, shared, and updated in real time with the team to help alleviate confusion while creating synergy.

The marketing calendar is your map to the destination you want to be. Shoot for the stars, follow the structure, and you’re all set for departure.

Perhaps, very simply, a quote by author Peter Steinhart sums it up best “Maps are a way of organizing wonder.”

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