Renaming, and Lessons Learned

The struggle is real when searching for a company name.

Corporate renaming is a topic that always has been interesting to me, but after experiencing it myself last week, I have a very different perspective on.  

It all started when I realized that another marketing firm shared the same name that I had spent so much time deciding on previously.  It was a name that I had fell in love with along the way.  It was gut-wrenching arriving at the decision to change the identity of my company, even if still in it's infancy.  I didn't want to cause confusion for my clients, but I also didn't want to step on the toes of my same-named counterpart by causing them undue stress either.  I realized that the sooner I pulled the tooth, the sooner I could move forward.

I knew it wouldn't be an easy process.  But at that point, I didn't know the half of it.  Doing work on behalf of my clients feels much more seamless.  This was personal for me, and the emotional element was palpable.  

I began searching for words, phrases, numbers, you name it, anything that would catch my eye or hold some special meaning.  Something I could get behind.  I searched many hours for available domains, and with the small percentage of domains not already found on Google or Bing, diving deeper to ensure there wouldn't be other potential issues by way of competition, negative connotations, or otherwise.  I kept a list of name options that grew and shrunk like an accordion throughout the process.  One morning at 2am, my brain feeling like mush from hours of searching, I felt like I was going to go crazy.

Finally, the list took shape, and I was able to whittle it down to 4 options.  I figured I would utilize the help of some trusted friends and have them vote in a naming contest of sorts.  It was a win/win as I wanted some outside validation and suggestions, but I also knew it would help create more exposure and impressions for the agency. 

Still, sending out the email to ask for their vote was uncomfortable and anxiety riddled.  But to the credit of my friends, they were ever supportive, offered fantastic feedback, and the results of their votes confirmed my hunch. 

Of the 4 options, Revmarka was the clear winner.  

Time will tell if Marka, it's meaning, and Marketing will jive in the mind of the public.

I still felt a bit like Nike Founder, Phil Knight, who in his book "Shoe Dog" stated that when they decided on the name of Nike, he left the meeting thinking "hopefully it will grow on us".  And Nike wasn't even a made up name.  However, I felt better better when reading a Crowdspring post that stated 72% of the best brands are named with made up words or acronyms.  No offense, to you Nike.  I formed the Revmarka name based on a few ideas, and I think I'm happy with the Frankenstein-like result.  

Here's the explanation behind the Revmarka name:

The first "rev" part speaks to revving up the marketing effectiveness of our clients.  It also speaks towards more creating revenue for them.  The "marka" portion could be viewed as an abbreviation of the word marketing, but it is actually a legitimate Norwegian word.  My last name of Dahl is of Norwegian heritage, and so it seemed like a logical fit.  It only became more interesting to me when I learned that marka is defined somewhat like a forest, or a place of peace on the outside of a busy city.  I liked that.  

Crowdspring also stated that 77% of consumers make purchases based on a brand name.  While Revmarka may not have a massive following, I'm hoping that in time our value offering will prove strong enough to  drive engagement of prospective clients and create a positive automatic link with the name.  

For now, I'm simply happy to be focused again on initiatives for my current clients.  The searching for domain availability can gladly remain in my rearview mirror.  It better, because my new business cards just arrived yesterday.  

About Revmarka

Revmarka is reliable outsourced marketing for your business.  Founded by marketing leader, Eric Dahl, Revmarka benefits partners with best-in-class marketing strategy and execution, while significantly saving them on typical marketing department costs.  At Revmarka, our hyper-focused approach towards promoting your value proposition allows us to maximize ours.  This core mindset drives our collaborative success story.