This Week, Be Brave

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This past January I had the opportunity to speak to business leaders about looking back into 2017, while focusing on how they could make 2018 their best yet.    

I directed my words towards courage.  I recalled attending a leadership training once and the presenter at the front of the room taught me a valuable lesson.  

He was animated, bold, and held our attention with his sharp-witted delivery.  He asked a question, an easy question, but nobody replied.  Caught off guard by the lack of response, he asked again.  This time however, he followed the repeat with a pointed phrase…

“Be brave”  he said, impatiently.  

Immediately several people raised their hands, I did too.  We all had the right answer.  We simply needed to have courage to answer the question.  It wasn’t hard.  

I haven’t forgotten.  

So many times, I’ve been in environments where I see people are not brave enough to engage, to answer questions, or to be vulnerable enough to grow.  I’ve been guilty of it too!  Honestly, are you always as brave as you think you could be?  Why do you allow for it to hold you back?  

Can you imagine the world’s greatest business leaders showing up to work just to punch a time clock and collect a paycheck?  What a travesty that would be!  Yet, so often we go through the motions and are not courageous, content with mediocre results because we choose to stay in our comfort zones.  

Let’s “be brave” this week.  Is there any reason it can’t be the best one yet?  Let’s do this. 

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