Event Recap: The Art of Storytelling

Eric Dahl presenting on storytelling.  July 26, 2018

This past Thursday, Revmarka founder Eric Dahl was asked to speak at Access Salt Lake, presented by Baseline Solutions.  The event “Art of Storytelling”, was well attended as it was advertised that guests would learn how to best capture their audiences through proper marketing strategy and technique.  Within the unique Garden Floor level venue in the heart of Salt Lake City, Mr. Dahl presented a variety of ideas that enabled listeners to take home new tactics to utilize.

Mr. Dahl started by sharing his own story where, in 2008, he was working as a real estate investment executive and fell on to hard times.  The impact of the great recession was felt for a period of years before he was able to find a marketing position at a software partner group and there rejuvenate his career.  “If I hadn’t have taken the risk to start in an arena I really didn’t have any understanding about, I wouldn’t be here speaking today” Dahl said, “but I found that my passion lied within that risk, and when you mix risk with passion, it’s often going to be a positive outcome.”

Eric Dahl discussing the ROI of storytelling.

Dahl continued his presentation by giving step by step directions on how to tell a more compelling story.  Referring to the steps as the “Five Always” he outlined how always adding value, using more visuals, utilizing relevant/current data, concise messaging, and communicating authentically are at the core of a successful story.  “You don’t have to tell them everything”, Dahl stated “that’s the incredible part about storytelling is that you allow the audience to connect the dots themselves and because they’ve made an emotional investment all their own, the story takes on a new life in a manner that the presenter couldn’t even duplicate.”

Prior to concluding, Mr. Dahl gave worksheets to everyone in attendance and explained how to create a customer persona and a value proposition to the group of entrepreneurs.  “To best connect to our audience, we have to understand who they are and what drives them, and once that is understood, the first brief story of a value proposition becomes relevant and can help gain traction.”

Following the presentation, Shaun Cunningham, CEO of Baseline Solutions thanked Mr. Dahl and focused briefly about the power of networking, and how a strong network can enable for a good story to be shared.  Refreshments were served thereafter allowing for conversation and business networking. 

About Revmarka

Revmarka is reliable outsourced marketing for your business.  Founded by marketing leader, Eric Dahl, Revmarka benefits partners with best-in-class marketing strategy and execution, while significantly saving them on typical marketing department costs.  At Revmarka, our hyper-focused approach towards promoting your value proposition allows us to maximize ours.  This core mindset drives our collaborative success story.