Your Marketing Machine: As Fast as a Lambo?

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I’m not a binge watcher.  But last night I fell into the trap.

The show was Netflix’s original series “Fastest Car”.  And perhaps not by chance, the two episodes that I watched ate my time, really fast.  For me, the litmus test of any compelling production is if I think about it much after I’m done watching.

Today, alone it’s been several times.

The premise of Fastest Car is simple.  The producers showcase one “supercar” driver, and three “sleeper car” drivers.  This supercar driver is successful, typically smug, and drives an expensive, flashy, ridiculously-fast supercar.  Both episodes I watched, the supercar driver piloted a Lamborghini.  Then there are the other drivers.  They have their own “sleeper-cars”.  Think if Frankenstein was created from a automobile junk-yard, and you have a pretty good idea as to what these sleeper cars are like.  They are old, not very pretty, but have been assembled with love and vision.  What they lack in aesthetics, they make up for in their own ridiculous output in performance. 

Each of the drivers are trying to drive their cars from a dead stop to the finish line a quarter of a mile away in a span of around ten seconds or less. 

Midway through the second episode, probably when the (not joking) spike boot wearing driver of the chrome colored Lamborghini was talking about how great he was, I had significant realization about how these stories had symbolism and relevance to marketing.

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We all know the corporate marketing machines that are shiny, fast, and sexy.  The pockets that fund them seemingly have no bottom, and often they just love to parade around all the cool things they can do with that marketing spend.   On the other hand, you have the SMBs who claw for any attention they can get and are trying to make their marketing machine function, albeit thriftily and often organically. 

As Fastest Car proves, it’s all in the technique and the mechanics that proves how functional a sleeper car, or in this case, the company with limited marketing spend towards campaigns and initiatives, perform on the track.  Revmarka was created to, if nothing else, add some nitrous boost to the tanks of partner cars through best-in-class strategy and execution when it comes to email campaigns, branding, SEO, content messaging, and social outreach, to name a few. 

While you may never know what it’s like to floor the pedal of a multi-million dollar campaign, your performance can be just as aggressive.  Revmarka can show you how to launch off the starting line and never let off the gas.  You’ll be grateful when we reach the finish line. 

I’m hoping to watch my next episode of Fastest Car later tonight.  Mercifully, there are only 8 total episodes, and I’m incredibly torn if I want Netflix to create more. 

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Revmarka is reliable outsourced marketing arm for your business.  Revmarka was created to benefit companies with best practice marketing strategies and tactics, while significantly saving them on typical marketing department costs.  At Revmarka, our hyper-focused approach towards maximizing our value proposition while promoting yours is at the core of our collaborative success story.