Eric Dahl, Revmarka mentioned in Business News Daily

Eric Dahl mentioned in Business News Daily

Recently, Revmarka founder Eric Dahl was quoted in Business News Daily. The article titled “The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Marketing and PR” written by Bennett Conlin, broadly covered the topic of outsourced marketing, it’s value, and elements which businesses should consider pertaining to hiring outsourced, fractional, or freelance talent to better promote their brand.

In particular, Dahl was asked about finding the right cultural fit when it comes to vetting the right outsourced partner, “"There can be some challenges if the proper outsourced partner isn't a great cultural fit to the business," said Eric Dahl, founder of Revmarka. "When messaging your audience, capturing the authentic voice of the business is mission critical. I've seen times when the outsourced PR or marketing partner has fallen flat in doing that. Therefore, the vetting process for outsourced talent must be adequate; otherwise, the cost and efficiency benefits won't make any difference."

The full article can be found here.

About Revmarka

Revmarka is award-winning outsourced marketing for your business.  Founded by marketing leader, Eric Dahl, Revmarka benefits companies with best-in-class fractional CMO and marketing consulting services. Revmarka creates meaningful change for your business by providing the executive marketing presence it needs.