8 Basic Ways to Increase your Website's Traffic


Business leaders with functional websites have likely at some point spent time wondering how to get more traffic (visitors) to their sites. Regardless of the unique characteristics of your businesses’ target audience or the website itself, below we discuss 8 basic ways to increase visitation to any site.

1. Repurposed Material

Many content creators often feel like they have a thankless job. More often than not, digital content is a flash-in-the-pan scenario where it after a brief spotlight, it fades into the background never to be focused on again.

However, by focusing on well-performing material from the past and updating the content (i.e. creating newer versions, promoting the old material in other channels previously not utilized, or making blog post topics the focus of your next podcast, as examples) you can then generate more traffic by repeating the winning formulas in days gone by with fresh takes on much of the same information.

2. Website Improvements

If you’re hoping to drive more traffic to your website, at some point you’re going to want to ensure your site presents a clean, inviting experience where visitors will want to spend additional time instead of contributing to bounce rates.

When was the last time you reviewed the design, structure, and messaging of your website?

When was the last time you reviewed the design, structure, and messaging of your website?

Third-party website reviews from a reputable source can be a terrific approach to understanding both pros and cons to your website’s structure. Revmarka provides review services and can help ensure current visitations are maximized while enabling greater future traffic through diagnosing and improvement suggestions.

3. SEO Efforts

Those who claim SEO (search engine optimization) is dead probably get along swell with those who claim the earth is flat. Both claims simply don’t hold much truth.

SEO is a very broad topic that can be broken down into individual elements such as back-links, blogging, meta descriptors, meta tags, local SEO, sitemaps, and dozens of other elements. The truth is, your traffic will gain momentum when efforts are made in any SEO arena. Just get the ball rolling.

4. Internal Linking

Creating internal links on your website’s pages is a method that invites increased page visitation and longer website visits from your audience. This grows the likelihood of creating brand enthusiasts who are eager to explore additional pages of your website.

Internal links should be well thought out and placed carefully. If you’re looking for a good internal linking strategy, click here.

5. Lead Magnets (Aka content offers)

Lead magnets are a terrific way to enable your audience to engage with content if the value of the content is perceived as truly valuable. When creating lead magnets, think of the type of the type of offering that your audience will find too good to pass up. If done properly, you’ll capture more traffic - both of website visitors and new leads.

Here is a content offer which Revmarka recently created for a client.

6. Organic Social Media

Regardless of what social platforms your business does or does not engage in, it’s important to follow two simple steps within your social media outreach for increased website traffic:

  1. Always provide value in your posts. Otherwise, your messages will always fall into the scroll-past graveyard where nothing happens.

  2. Be consistent. Momentum cannot be harnessed if your posts are hit and miss. Just as you can’t expect results if you go to the gym once every few weeks, your social outreach requires consistency for success.

7. Social Share Buttons

Social share buttons are an easy way for your readers to share the content you have created. Make sure that social buttons are attached to your published digital content and you’ll enable your readers to become publishers. If you are confident that your content is quality, you may want to ask your followers to share the content with their network to get things started.

8. Consistent Content

Content is king because there’s always an appetite for it.

Content is king because there’s always an appetite for it.

A scene in an old episode of The Simpsons captures the need for ongoing content. In the scene, Homer Simpson is hooked up to a machine (meant to be a torture device) that feeds Homer “all the donuts in the world”. Amazingly, and much to the disappointment of Homer’s would-be torturers, Homer devours every donut and still wants more.

There is always a hunger for good content. Your audience, whether they know it or not, wants your best content and you simply will never be able to feed them too much. Keep a steady flow of content, and your website traffic will skyrocket.

Just as with many other things in life, small efforts can make remarkable differences. By focusing on ways to boost more website visits, you’re on your way to drive stronger relevance and revenue.

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