What I Learned from Don Draper

Don Draper, the man of Mad Men.

I learned some things from Don Draper.

Yes, I know he’s a fictitious character. Yes, I realize he had issues and wasn’t always a great human. And yes, I am acutely aware of how much time I spent watching the series on Netflix.

But in watching the 92 episodes, I was able to glean some interesting stuff. For those unaware, Don Draper is the protagonist of Mad Men, a television series based on advertising executives working on Madison Avenue in New York City during the 1960’s.

Draper was the man. The alpha-male who everyone would listen to, even if they didn’t always agree with him. 

Here are 3 of my favorite Don Draper quotes:

Opening credits of the TV Show Mad Men.

1.      “Is that what you want, or is that what people expect of you?”

Draper bluntly states what so many of us get caught up in. By taking an approach that is singular in purpose, we can achieve so much more than being overly concerned about what others think of us.

2.      “Fear stimulates my imagination.”

Are you stressed about a project that seems too tough? Look at it from another point of view. By repurposing fear to help overcome challenges, we can tap into incredible creativity and capability.

3.      “Make it simple, but significant.”

My favorite of all Draperisms. Though he was simply ordering a drink when he said this, it touches upon a profound truth. Simplicity is always the victor. By maintaining simplicity and mixing it with something noteworthy, success is just around the corner. And not just in marketing.

Thank you, Mr. Draper. Cheers.

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