4 Simple Ways to Increase Email Campaign Success

Determining email campaign goals is key.

It’s almost 20 years after Y2K, and email marketing, despite what some would have you believe, is still incredibly viable in attracting business and generating revenue. Infact, the Direct Marketing Association has stated that for every $1 spent on email marketing, on average one can expect an ROI of $38.

But, to generate that kind of return, the emails must be done right. 

How can you improve your email campaign tactics to capture the best results and generate more interest from your target audience? Below are 4 ways in which simple modifications can make all the difference in your results. 

1.    Plan ahead. 

There’s a quote that has been attributed to several people which goes something like this: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” No matter who actually said it first, it’s accurate, and also applicable to email marketing.

Have you determined what your goals are for the email campaign? What does success look like in this initiative? If your goal is to simply make more revenue, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and determine the particulars which will allow better goal attainment. These particulars include the who the audience is, the voice that can capture them, your compelling offer, and what a relevant subject line and message will be.
2.    Give them what they want. 

4 Simple Ways to Increase Email Campaign Success, Revmarka

When was the last time you enjoyed being marketed to in a pushy, over-the-top salesy way?

It's likely never.

So why do marketers think they can capture success by taking a super salesy approach? The truth is, you need to give your audience what they want, otherwise they’ll quickly unsubscribe. But how do you do this? Start with determining what motivates your client persona. How do they consume their content? What would they find memorable and valuable? As Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, always says “Add more value.” Does your audience like video? Bullet points? Compelling imagery? Give it to them.  All of it. The ‘Golden Rule’ should never be lost in marketing.

3.    Keep it simple. 

Does your message have a simple Call-To-Action, or CTA? If there are multiple click options, or worse, no click options, you’re going to confuse your audience. As marketing author Alan Dib stated, “if you confuse them, you lose them.”

Don’t over complicate an email by ‘throwing the kitchen sink’ at your audience. Instead, make it straightforward and modest. One message, one clear call-to-action. Your click through rate will prove simplicity is still the ultimate sophistication. 

4.    Segment your emails. 

How many times have you received a free t-shirt only to find it’s not even close to being your size? One size fits all is a nice idea, but convenience doesn’t equal effectiveness.

Segmenting your emails, or sending slightly different versions to different groups within your subscriber list, will improve open rates, click throughs, and ultimately the ROI of the campaign. A more targeted approach will ensure you’re getting a better opportunity to speak the recipients language which means better overall conversion. 

As it is with so many things in life, the small rational adjustments can make a massive impact towards success. With a little bit of extra effort, your emails can reach their intended target in a meaningful manner which will lead to the engagement you seek.

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