Event Recap: 4 Step Marketing Plan for Entrepreneurs, RevRoad

Earlier this month, Revmarka founder Eric Dahl was asked to present at the For Founders Event at RevRoad in Provo, Utah. The event brought in an audience of leaders and executives from various industries who are in the process of scaling their businesses. Attendees were promised to be instructed on marketing best practices in addition to HR, Social Media, and Branding presentations from other expert speakers. Mr. Dahl directed his comments towards leaders who are limited in time but remain committed to growing the footprint of their emerging business.

Dahl began by setting the table of what customers expect in today’s environment. Using that ideology as a focus while brainstorming a relevant marketing plan, he then presented an updated and abbreviated version of Forbes 15 Step Marketing Plan, while sharing his own discoveries and story along the way. The four steps presented are as followed:

Eric Dahl speaking about the 4 Step Marketing Plan for Entrepreneurs. April 9, 2019.
  1. Establish Goals:

    Dahl stated that working backwards is the first step. Looking at the company objective, and establishing revenue goals are a critical part of the process right out of the gates. Subsequent steps can then be created as KPI’s are implemented which will allow for every goal to then be achieved.

  2. Determine the Audience:

    Utilizing a client-persona model as an example, Dahl expressed that defining exactly who the audience is remains a imperative part of the plan. Presenting the message while using language that captures and sustains the attention of the client-persona, which Dahl seeks to always identify by a relevant name, is a must.

  3. Create the Message:

    Understanding the audience allows for the right message then to be crafted. Borrowing a quote from Seth Godin, Dahl highlighted a industry truth which is “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories that you tell.” Dahl then went on to explain the four criteria he uses to judge all pieces of marketing content (i.e. clean, simple, educational, and compelling).

  4. Start the System:

    Stating the best marketers are farmers, and not hunters, Dahl outlined a successful marketing approach hinges on having a living-breathing marketing calendar. Using a favorite marketing mantra learned from a former boss, Dahl recited the “create, validate, replicate” approach to “hitting home runs” in the marketing process.

Eric Dahl speaking at RevRoad. April 9, 2019.

At the conclusion of the event, Amy Caldwell , Co-Founder and Executive Director of RevRoad, remarked “there’s been some real diamonds of information given here today …Eric thank you so much.”

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