5 Reasons SMB’s are Choosing Squarespace

Squarespace websites have become remarkably popular to the SMB market of scaling businesses.

In today’s digital playground it’s critical to have a solid website that tells the story of your company in a remarkable, compelling manner. But for many scaling businesses and entrepreneurs, the thought of managing multiple components of a functional website while balancing other business needs is discouraging, if not intolerable.

That’s why many companies are choosing Squarespace as a viable, intelligent platform to build their company websites. Founded in 2003, Squarespace was created on the campus of the University of Maryland by then college student Anthony Casalena. As Squarespace has grown to a recent $1.7B valuation, the company’s objective has always been to “empower people with creative ideas to succeed” through impactful, stylish, and easy-to-manage websites.

Squarespace is considered a website builder with pre-designed templates that are aesthetically beautiful, functional, and simple to operate.

Competition to Squarespace comes most notably in the form of Wordpress, which technically falls into the Content Management Systems (CMS) category, a more hearty and complex offering which enables users to control every component of the website. For many, CMS platforms like Wordpress can be appealing as security, to plugins, to templates, and beyond, can be managed with autonomy, but requiring more technological savvy and often dedicated management.

In a way, comparing Squarespace to a CMS like Wordpress is somewhat like apples to oranges.

But for millions of small businesses, the type of apple Squarespace offers is very desirable.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why many scaling businesses are choosing to build their website on Squarespace:

No coding and ease-of-use are just two of the reasons why Squarespace websites are popular with SMB’s.

1.      Attractive Templates – Squarespace offers visually stimulating templates that provide the starting point for businesses to produce their websites from. The formatting is engaging and allows the website designer to modify elements to capture the brand identity in a expressive way.

2.      No Coding Required – Proficient coders have the ability to create anything with the multifaceted skill-set. For non-coders, the thought of having to learn coding can be feel impossible. Squarespace websites do not require any coding knowledge.

3. Maintenance – For those familiar with the terms broken and/or outdated plugins, a more simplistic option is often a welcomed notion. Squarespace websites update automatically, so there’s no need for manual maintenance and tedious plugin updates.

4.      Ease of Use – Keeping with the overall theme of simplicity, back-end management options inside of Squarespace websites are far less cluttered and excessive than Wordpress. For those seeking a modest admin experience, Squarespace is especially attractive.

5.      Security – As, you guessed it, all security features are built into the Squarespace platform, there is far less risk of security and data breaches. Squarespace also doesn’t require you to manage the SSL certificates and other elements moving forward.

Beyond the 5 reasons above, there are other benefits of Squarespace websites which are of interest to scaling businesses. SEO, as an example, is an obvious necessity for any business looking to connect with a broader online audience. Unlike Wordpress, Squarespace incorporates SEO elements right out of the gates including indexed and searchable pages, automatic tagging, canonical tagging, clean URLs, robots.txt, automatic redirects, automatic Google Sitemaps, and more, eliminating downloadable plugins.

It’s true that some businesses may look to outgrow Squarespace in time, migrating to a completely custom-built site or CMS. Think of it as upgrading to a Ferrari supercar which can be beautiful, fast, and effective, but also comes with mechanical complexities requiring consistent maintenance and ongoing care. When a knowledgeable mechanic is in place, the supercar can grab attention and perform exceptionally when compared to other types of cars.


Squarespace websites, on the other hand can be likened to the Tesla electric cars – performance similar to a supercar, perhaps slightly more rigid, but operating on a simpler platform. Still beautiful in its own right, but with far less maintenance and ongoing customization.

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Blue Panda Communications

Solv Home

Head Law

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