5 Reasons Why a Fractional CMO Makes Sense

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A growing trend continues to emerge within the business world. Perhaps in part driven by the fact that the average tenure of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or VP of Marketing continues to drastically decline, we see more companies looking to hire outside help. These marketing “gun-for-hires” if you will, are available in the form of the outsourced, or fractional CMO.

For years, transforming, high growth, and start-ups alike have utilized on-demand CFO’s within Finance, CTO’s and CIO’s within technology and software, and outsourced HR specialists within human resources. Likewise, an experienced fractional CMO brings talent, capacity, leadership to boost marketing effectiveness of businesses.

Solid marketing, like other core components of a successful company, must be executed properly if, in this case, the target audience is to be attracted and engaged inside the frantic, hyper-competitive environment which we live.

Historically, marketing has been a challenging pillar of business to manage. Questions pertaining to budget spend, conversions, lead generation, satisfactory ROI, correct messaging, relevant branding, and overall strategy have perplexed managing executives for decades. These questions, and more particularly the vague answers given to them, have sealed the fate of countless marketing executives along the way.

Hiring the right fractional CMO can be a game changer. Theoretically, the right addition could answer the questions with transparency in addition to adding revenue to the bottom line.

Let’s look at 5 reasons you should consider a fractional CMO.

The Fractional CMO can impact the bottom line dramatically, while saving a company on overhead.

1.      Leadership: A true fractional CMO is experienced to appreciate the perspective of other executives, speak their language, and understand working dynamics to create a cohesive environment between various teams.

2.      Strategy: Successful marketing, at the core, is merely a system. By utilizing proven, relevant, and unique go-to-market plans, creative brilliance can be mixed with systematic prudence. This balanced approach between art and analytics is where successful marketing lives.

3.      Measurement and Results: The adage still holds true: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Successful marketers understand that in today’s business environment, real-time results and scalable data are the only way to build trust with superiors. The best fractional CMO’s understand that success is dependent on them bringing significant value, every time.

4.      Cost: A recent article by Inc Magazine reported that salaried employees typically work less than 3 full hours per workday on average. Between overhead expenses including salary, benefits, bonuses, and more, a fractional CMO can save a company anywhere between 35-65% on overhead costs, and ensure you’re getting the best bang-for-buck.

5.      Creative Jolt: The outsiders perspective can be extremely helpful to push things the right direction, and can serve as a solution towards the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset. A fractional CMO brings an independent viewpoint, or a fresh set of eyes towards all outreach and messaging initiatives of your business. It’s often a fresh approach (or even a slightly adjusted one) which moves the needle and engages the audience.

5 Reasons Why a Fractional CMO Makes Sense.

Are you interested to find out if your business is an ideal fit for a fractional CMO? While your needs are unique to you, we’ve likely seen them before and can help.

Revmarka’s unique approach will show you why there’s never been a better time to utilize a proven fractional CMO.

It’s time to rethink your marketing.

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