Dahl & Dahl Podcast, Episode 5: The Evolution of Media

Dahl & Dahl Media Marketing Podcast, episode 5. Curt Dahl, Eric Dahl.

In this episode of the Dahl & Dahl podcast, Curt & Eric discuss the evolution of media, starting with print ads and transitioning into radio, TV, and the current digital transformation which we live in. The pair discuss how audiences are impacted by various platforms, the tactics associated within them, and what may be ahead.

Run time is 21:27.  

Curt Dahl is the founder of CD Squared Creative. Curt is an award winning writer, producer, and director has been the recipient of scores of prestigious media awards throughout his career and was listed in in Random House's "100 Best Television Commercials and Why They Worked."  

Eric Dahl, founder of Revmarka, has a history of providing leadership and marketing to award-winning organizations. Prior to Revmarka, he led the marketing efforts of emerging businesses which were nationally recognized and perennially Inc. 500 listed.