Event Recap: Define You 2019, Women's Council of Realtors

Earlier this month, Revmarka founder Eric Dahl was asked to present at the Women’s Council of Realtors – Salt Lake City Chapter. The event “Define You in 2019”, brought in a large audience as the attendees were promised to be instructed on some marketing best practices combined with motivational material. The event, held at the Salt Lake Board of Realtors building in Sandy, Utah served as a great venue for real estate professionals, as well as various guests eager to hear Mr. Dahl’s unique message.

Eric Dahl speaking about the 4 Criteria. January 11, 2019.

Dahl began by sharing his own story of discovering his passion in marketing through an unlikely opportunity,and utilizing that chance to follow his passion in to building some impressive accomplishments within the marketing space.

Among other topics, Dahl touched upon the 4 criteria he judges all marketing content with (Clean, Simple, Educational, and Compelling). He also spoke about his ongoing mantra for all marketing initiatives (Create, Validate, Replicate) which was taught to him from a mentor earlier in his career.

Eric Dahl of Revmarka presenting on January 11, 2019.

A final story, “The lady on the red bicycle” was shared to help motivate the audience to be persistent in their 2019 ventures. Dahl summed it up by stating “whether it’s in marketing or in life, we can feel so overwhelmed with things, but if we keep pedaling, we can solve so many problems.”

At the conclusion of the presentation, Kristel Gough, President of the Salt Lake chapter of the WCR, remarked “it’s been an honor to have Eric here today, as we’ve all been able to learn a great amount during his impressive speech.”

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