Revmarka and VARs.

Kind of like peas and carrots.

Selling ERP and other software as a Value Added Re-seller (VAR) can be a steep challenge. 

I understand, because I’ve been there.

Hi, I’m Eric Dahl and I’m a fractional CMO.

When it comes to marketing, proper strategy and systematic tactics are imperative to thrive within the VAR playground.  Without them, adequate sales pipelines and executed contracts are often a dream.

Eric Dahl, Outsourced CMO and marketing expert for VARs.

My business Revmarka empowers VARs to promote relevant messages throughout the customer journey and lengthy sales cycle.  My goal is to enable your sales team to stay relevant - while costing less than typical in-house marketing. 

Download the brochure today to find out more.

Download the brochure to see how Revmarka helps VARs deliver indisputable results through outsourced, affordable marketing. 

Outsourced marketing for business software VARs, by Revmarka.
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