Revmarka and Real Estate.

Kind of like peas and carrots.

Competing effectively within the competitive Real Estate industry continues to be a demanding challenge.


When it comes to establishing and maintaining true relevance, proper marketing is your greatest ally. Correct strategy and systematic tactics are imperative to thrive within your competitive playground.  Without solid marketing, adequate opportunities and executed contracts are often a dream.

Eric Dahl, marketing expert and founder of Revmarka, empowers real estate professionals to promote themselves through powerful and relevant marketing strategies.

Download the Real Estate Bootcamp Day Training brochure today to find out how a one day strategy session with Eric could be exactly what you need to improve results.

Download the brochure to find out how Eric helps real estate professionals deliver indisputable results through impactful one day trainings.

Outsourced marketing for business software VARs, by Revmarka.
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